In spring

2018(グループ展「写真展 時は春」:Gallery KINGYO)


1. モニター越しの癒えぬ大地に花(モノクロ)
"Putting flower on monitor image on the land still suffering from wounds inflicted on 2011"

2. 遠隔地の人混みに舞う今朝の桜(モノクロ)
"Pieces of cherry blossoms fluttering to demonstrators in remote location"
3. 14時46分の春を迎える(カラー)
"The day of spring at 14:46 is coming"

4. 象徴という狭き檻から出て花びらになる(カラー)
"Pieces of cherry blossoms getting out of narrow cage as symbol of nation"

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